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Each 10 euros helps the KiVa anti-bullying program reach 1 new child!

Each 10 euros helps the KiVa anti-bullying program reach 1 new child!

How does your donation help?

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

Research shows that bullying at school is a serious problem in Estonia. On average, every fifth child in Estonia is currently a victim of bullying, making Estonia one of the leaders in Europe in terms of bullying at school.

Bullying can leave a mark for a lifetime. And this mark is usually not visible to the naked eye. It is difficult for us to guess how deep the trauma is for the people around us. This invisible footprint can affect a lot. Mental health, physical well-being, social relationships, academic performance and all kinds of life choices. In fact, bullying affects much more than it seems, and can have negative consequences for all parties - the bullies, victims and bystanders.

However, all this can be prevented. The Bullying-free School Foundation has been helping schools throughout Estonia to implement the KiVa program for 10 years. KiVa is the world's only scientifically based anti-bullying program. KiVa provides schools with very clear, specific and effective guidelines and tools on how to prevent and reduce bullying, and how to deal with bullying in a way that can be resolved.

KiVa's efficiency is easy to measure as we study changes in schools implementing the program each year. A 2020 spring survey of 16,500 students shows that 50% fewer children were cyberbullied during distance learning in KiVa schools than in schools where the program has not yet been implemented. This is one of the most effective indicators of KiVa efficiency!

At present, this program is implemented by 24% of Estonian schools, that is, ca 120 schools. Our dream is that all Estonian schools will approach bullying prevention consistently and on a facts-based basis. Our next strategic goal is to bring the KiVa program to 40-50% of Estonian schools by autumn 2023. Despite the significant interest of schools in KiVa, we have not been able to generate a wave of applications for several years due to a lack of resources. Last year we expanded only by 14 schools, although there were more schools interested in joining.

The foundation's activities and the ability to prevent and reduce bullying are highly dependent on donations and support. Thank you very much for your support!

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