MTÜ LoovHA: „Choose the creative education- you choose the happy child!“

MTÜ LoovHA: „Choose the creative education- you choose the happy child!“

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

The shaping of the world moves into the hands of our descendants. Our job is to preserve their self-confidence, their creative potential and to support them while they are figuring out their life goals and their CALLING.

A non-profit organisation LoovHA is engaged in educational outreach activities. We organize inspiring seminars and collaborate with a group of young people called Willofer, which is dedicated to creating an innovative environment for the youth.

The LoovHA focuses on educational innovations that bring us closer to the actual needs of education (the main focus for the traditional school model lies in factual knowledge, leaving a person’s personal development and ignoring both the teacher and the learner’s mental and physical health).

We work with information and inspiration – we organize educational innovations that support the teacher and the learner as well as seminars presenting currently existing good practices, thus supporting the improvement of the professionalism of teachers and involving young people in the educational process and in activities.

We collaborate with the Willofers youth group (grouping of young people who participated in educational experiments organised by LoovHA in 2017 and 2018).

There are two directions of activities 2019. 1) Organising seminars: “Young teacher at school – a leap into the unknown?”, “Teacher’s joy”. Seminar topics: teachers share their innovative teaching methods, work joy and problems, gain professional knowledge and support in the workshops, and discuss thoughts about what the teacher needs to resist at school, how to keep joy of work. 2) Cooperating with the Willofers youth. We support young people in their efforts to organize a 10-day educational experiment for young people (from the age of 15) in the summer of 2019 “Loovik – developing a creative environment suitable for young people” with the aim of drafting the precise objectives, core activities and future program of the city. The created environment supports the self-development of young people, understanding of their Mission and Vocation.


Earlier educational experiments


As part of the educational experiment, we will organize a one-day summer school for all those interested in education, where young people present the results of the ongoing educational experiment, and adults can think about supporting young people’s understanding of their life goals. We will listen to young people and work together with them in a workshop.


By offering young people opportunities to practice in the field of education, we help young people to understand their Mission, which reduces drop-out rates from vocational schools and universities; gives young people the opportunity to reflect on education and to act in practice; contributes to the growth of a new generation of teachers and education policy-makers.

At seminars, we can create new methodics by practicing already existing creative teaching, self-realisation and self-management methods.

We are participating in the Waldorf Pedagogy Seminar in Tallinn, working with the Waldorf teachers.


Each of your donations contributes to the organization of our seminars and supports young people in their undertakings.

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Since January 2018 we have been added to the list of non-profit organizations benefitting from income tax incentives. Annetused ja maksud.

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262.04 / 30 000.00 €
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