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Refugee Council: support people forced to leave their homes

Refugee Council: support people forced to leave their homes

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

A refugee is an ordinary person in an extraordinary situation. Having lost their home or forced to leave everything behind, it is hard to start your life all over again.

The Estonian Refugee Council works to ensure that refugees who arrive in Estonia are not left alone – when everyone around us is doing well, the whole of society is doing well. The Refugee Council also makes sure that people who are forced to leave their homes do not end up stranded outside Estonia’s borders.

We strongly believe in the needs-based approach. We support people in need in various ways:

  • Humanitarian aid (e.g. cash-based support, food aid, winter survival support, evacuations, organisation of tents and generators)
  • Supporting independent coping (e.g. entrepreneurship programmes to enable vulnerable people to create their own sources of income)
  • Strengthening communities (e.g. organising children’s camps and events to help those who’ve arrived in Estonia feel safe and cared for; finding language partners and organising activities to promote language learning)
  • Training for quicker adaptation in Estonia (e.g. to develop digital skills, to navigate the labour market and the medical system, to introduce the Estonian education system)
  • Mental wellbeing (e.g. various therapies and mental health support workshops for refugees who have come from war zones or lived through other traumatic experiences)

The Estonian Refugee Council is one of the two EU-certified humanitarian aid organisations in Estonia and one of the largest international donors of cash-based assistance in Ukraine.

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The Estonian Refugee Council is included in the list of non-profit organisations eligible for income tax incentives. Read more about taxes here: Donations and taxes