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Seltsiks Sinule: Companions for lonely elderly people

Seltsiks Sinule: Companions for lonely elderly people

How does your donation help?

Kui lähedal oleme eesmärgi saavutamisele?

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Project already completed. Thanks to all who contributed!

How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

NPO Seltsiks Sinule “Your donation helps us bring together volunteers with lonely elderly people”

The NPO Seltsiks Sinule was established in the autumn of 2017 with the mission to lengthen the time that rural elderly people can remain in their home. For this purpose, we invite volunteer companions to visit the elderly from time to time. The volunteer companions take a look at the situation at home and have conversations face to face or on the phone. Our role is to identify the volunteers and the elderly that need our help and then bring them together. We provide our volunteers with training and a possibility to participate in a group of active companions. Our main expense item is transportation, because of the long distances between rural locations. Before a visit, we need to communicate with both the elderly person and the volunteer companion.

Your donation helps us pay for fuel costs to enable our volunteers to reach the elderly, organise meetings for active companions, and recruit and train our volunteers.

€5    3 litres of fuel; a coordinator can make two visits to a client.

€10  Mapping of the locations of the elderly and introducing them to volunteers.

€15  One meeting of a group of active companions, copying of training materials, developmental activities.  

The organisation is included on the list of income tax incentive non-profit organizations. Read more about taxes here: Donations and taxes.

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