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TLPO Kodukotus: “Support for healthy lifestyle of the elderly!”

TLPO Kodukotus: “Support for healthy lifestyle of the elderly!”

How does your donation help?

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

The mission of TLPO Kodukotus is to develop and maintain an active attitude towards life among the elderly. Involvement in physical activities and sports promotes vivacity and health and helps alleviate the feelings of loneliness associated with advanced age. We organise weekly exercise sessions for female and male groups, as well as sports days and physical activity events. We train for performances, participate in the city’s gymnastics party and work in other day care centres. We organise small competitions in the Olympic for the elderly of the city, as well as the city-wide orienteering game and water days.  We all know that promotion of physical activity and healthy lifestyle supports an active attitude towards life, creates a sense of unity and alleviates health problems.

  • By donating €5 a month for the project, you enable five persons to participate in one annual health day.
  • Your monthly donation of €10 pays for half of a sports day,
  • while €25 would help two people to participate in a physical exercise day or cover half of the cost of a gymnastics mat.

TLPO Kodukotus operates in Tartu and organises joint activities for pensioners. The organisation’s goal is to offer them opportunities that promote mental and physical activities. It offers hobby and health activities at day centres, legal advice and daily support services.