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I Love to Help
Together we have raised
4 751 546 €
From donators 3 377 097 €
From Swedbank 1 374 449 €
Heart to Heart
Fundraiser for the support of project Serve the City: “Support the creation of new opportunities for volunteering”, created by Lauri Luide:

Heart to Heart

How does your donation help?

Kui lähedal oleme eesmärgi saavutamisele?

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30.00 €
3 donations
500.00 €
Fundraiser already completed. Thanks to all who contributed!

How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

Heart2Heart is one of the best events in Serve the City's menu. We are going to help hundreds of people in need and will inspire to help out just as many. With the help of your donation, we will make this the most inspiring and memorable event!