NGO Loomus project "I Am on Side of Animals."

NGO Loomus project "I Am on Side of Animals."

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

The project NGO Loomus titled "I Am on Side of Animals" raises people's awareness about the situation of the animals used in fur industry, agriculture, entertainment and for laboratory testing.

As a result of our daily activities the real situation of animals is seen more clearly in society; people's consumption choices change over time; Estonian legislation becomes more specific and animal-friendly; Estonian cultural attitude toward animals becomes a subject of debate, and modern ethical streams of thought will meet a wider audience. Loomus is the first Estonian organization active in the field of animal custody, and which has been created by experienced animal welfare experts. 

Your contributions make it possible to provide information materials, pay for administrative costs, legal or other expert costs, create IT solutions and organise various events (e.g. information stands, seminars, courses, charity concerts).

The organization is included on the list of income tax incentive non-profit organizations and the donors will get back the income tax paid from their donation and the donations made by companies are tax-free (Estonian Income Tax Act § 49). Read more about taxes: Donating and taxes.

9 283.44 / 12 000.00 €
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Estonian fashion designers support a ban on fur farming


For the first time in Estonia, local fashion designers stand up to support a ban on fur farms in a campaign run by the animal advocacy organization Loomus. This project is a part of the long-term campaign “I am on the side of animals!”, which supports the ambition to submit a bill to the parliament that would ban fur farming in Estonia.

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