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The Invisible Animals organisation: help to ban caging of hens in Estonia

The Invisible Animals organisation: help to ban caging of hens in Estonia

How does your donation help?

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

For the first time, the Estonian people have a rare view of the conditions of caged laying hens of Estonia. From the materials collected and disclosed by Invisible Animals, we can see the daily reality of the Estonian caging system. What the picture of recorded footage of the production of a caging eggs actually unfolds is inhumanely brutal. Keeping hens in cages must be prohibited by law.

It is so cruel to keep chickens in cages that many countries, such as Austria, the Czech Republic and Denmark, have decided to ban them at the level of the law. The material recorded in Estonia shows that we need to follow the example of these countries and ban the caging of hens in Estonia. With donations you support that caged hens do not have to suffer from intensive egg production.

With your donation, we will inform people about the suffering of Estonian hens in cages. To do this, we share ads on the media, on the radio, in shopping malls and on the streets. We call out people to sign a petition to stop caging chickens.
Thanks to the Invisible Animal chicken welfare campaign and the support of donors, hundreds of Estonian restaurants, cafes and caterers have declined the use of caged hen eggs. Thanks to this, we save over 200,000 chickens a year.


  • 10 € gives us the opportunity to set up social media adverts to ask people to sign the petition
  • 25 € allows us to show people the real life of caged hen on the media
  • 50 € gives us the opportunity to buy radio, web and street adverts to show that animal welfare issues are important in Estonian society.

All donations will help save hens from cages.

The organization is included on the list of income tax incentive non-profit organizations and the donors will get back the income tax paid from their donation and the donations made by companies are tax-free (Estonian Income Tax Act § 49). Read more about taxes: Donating and taxes.