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NGO Helping Single-Parent Children “Your donation will help children in single-parent families cope better!”

NGO Helping Single-Parent Children “Your donation will help children in single-parent families cope better!”

How does your donation help?

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Project already completed. Thanks to all who contributed!

How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

NGO Helping Single-Parent Children supports children growing in families with a single parent. In November 2014 we opened a day centre in the heart of Tallinn where we offer food, 

study assistance and different hobby acitivities to 20 children where single parents cannot always afford that. We plan to use your donations to cover the expenses of the Day Center and 

to carry out different events for children during the spring, fall and winter seasons of 2018, i.e. from January to December, 2018. 

For 25 euros we can offer one child a hot meal after school, help them with their homework and offer them leisure activities, provide in-service training to support persons and pay the rent for the premises. 

At the same time your support would help to cover the expences of project management and book-keeping. The lives and economic situation of single-parent families and children will improve as a result of our activities. Also, the number of confident young people in society will increase and society itself will be healthier.

NGO Helping Single-Parent Children was established in October 2009 in order to support single-parent families and offer social support to children growing up without a father via support persons. According to Statistics Estonia, the number of children raised in single-parent families in 2017 was 27559, of whom 11322 live in Tallinn.

The organization is included on the list of income tax incentive non-profit organizations and the donors will get back the income tax paid from their donation and the donations made by companies are tax-free (Estonian Income Tax Act § 49). Read more about taxes: Donating and taxes.