Vaikuseminutid: “We bring more awareness and balance into children’s lives!”

Vaikuseminutid: “We bring more awareness and balance into children’s lives!”

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

Our mission is to help open the potential of all Estonian children by means of short awareness exercises. Our techniques only take a few minutes to practice and are equally suitable for 4-year-olds, teenagers as well as adults in order to come out of disturbing emotions or feeling stressed. The intense daily use of mobile devices causes the mind to be constantly looking for action, therefore the children struggle to stay focused on one activity. These exercises develop self-management and concentration skills.

NGO Vaikuseminutid (Minutes of Stillness) has trained over 1000 teachers and reached over 15 000 children through them. In order to further spread the programs and to develop the organisation, we need additional financial support.

Your contribution helps to create the digital tools, audio exercises and tutorial videos as well as provide much needed support for parents and educational institutions. Help us spread our message more widely through the annual international parents' conference taking place every Autumn, via developing our web platform and a more systematic media communication.

The organisation is included on the list of income tax incentive for non-profit organisations and the donors will get back the income tax paid from their donation and the donations made by companies are tax-free (Estonian Income Tax Act § 49). Read more about taxes: Donating and taxes.

1 752.81 / 18 000.00 €
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