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Estonian Scout Association: support youth initiative and help provide experience

Estonian Scout Association: support youth initiative and help provide experience

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

The Estonian Scout Association has launched a project titled “From Thoughts to Actions” to give young people knowledge and experience on how to implement their ideas.

The project supports initiatives created by young people themselves. There is a wide variety of ideas that youngsters ask support for (procuring camping equipment for the unit, procuring the unit’s insignia, organising camps and participating in outdoor camps). The condition, however, is that they themselves have to show initiative and active participation – they have to come up with the idea, figure out the prices, submit a proper application, compile a plan and a budget, an bring the idea to life if they get funding. They gain valuable experiences for the future throughout the process. Namely, how to justify their wishes and find support to implement ideas.

We believe that taking initiative must be encouraged among young people, they have be given access to more knowledge and they should be able to put their ideas into practice in a safe environment. This gives young people an experience of success, a valuable experience for life and the courage to continue to face challenges.

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