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Help for visually impaired: obtain Masseur’s professioon, basics of independent professional activity

Help for visually impaired: obtain Masseur’s professioon, basics of independent professional activity

How does your donation help?

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Project already completed. Thanks to all who contributed!

How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

At the Blind Masseurs Center at Tondi 8a, Tallinn, we run massage training that is specially designed for blind and visually impaired: basic course and additional courses. At this moment, 29 blind masseurs are employed at the Center.

Each month, about 50 visually impaired people visit the Center for studying or taking part in a rehabilitation programs. Whenever possible, we try to adapt our rooms for the needs of the visually impaired. With help from the donation community and sponsors, we have managed to renovate all rooms in the Center, which also included replacement of lighting fixtures.Yet we still need some study materials that may be explored by touch: spine model, skeleton model, muscle models. Any help financing and organizing massage training is also welcome.

For the last 22 years, Estonian Blind Masseur Union acts as a non-profit organization that helps visually impaired people to train and find employment. At the moment, the Union includes 96 blind and visually impaired masseurs. Our objective: create a coherent support system for helping visually impaired people to learn Masseur’s profession, find a job, and further develop in professional environment.

In the Blind Masseur Union, a visually impaired person can learn Masseur’s profession, work at specialized massage center, which was opened in Spring of 2013, and use ohter helpful services designed for visually impaired. Blind Masseur Union is one of very few organizations in Estonia that enables visually impaired people to master a professioon that suits them well and enter the job market.

At the moment, 82 visually impaired people have mastered Masseur’s professioon using Blind Masseur Union’s massage courses, most of them keep woirking as Masseurs. Since 2000, we have supported 77 blind masseurs at their early career stages so that they could work independently.

Through these 22 years, we have created a support system that allows visually impaired people to enter the job market despite all the difficulties caused by their disability. Through our information support, we have changed community’s outlook on visually impaired service workers, while also allowing visually impaired people to better integrate in the society. Through massage we also improve the healthcare system.

We would like to raise 16100 eur for the modernisation of the EPMÜ Training Center in 2021-2023 for the acquisition of new teaching aids and to cover costs related to training.

  • For 5 euro we can buy materials for theoretical training: flash drives, paper textbooks with large fonts, markers, etc.
  • For 10 euro we can buy materials for practical training: disposable face linen, paper linen for massage tables, blankets, massage oil, disinfection sprays, etc.
  • For 15 euro we can buy 50 disposable facemasks and desinfection measures.
  • For 25 euro we can buy various tools and materials materials: soft face holders, magnifying glasses for reading in class, textbooks with large fonts, lighting appliances, etc.
  • We can pay 50 euro to the professional trainer for one hour’s work with group of 8 students.

The organization is included on the list of income tax incentive non-profit organizations. Learn more about relevant tax topics: Donations and taxes