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Mondo: support children affected by crises and the continuation of their education

Mondo: support children affected by crises and the continuation of their education

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

Wars and natural disasters can take everything from a person in an instant: their loved ones, access to food, medical care, warm home, income. Children are particularly vulnerable in a crisis, as their education is disrupted and they suffer mental trauma. The price of the months, sometimes years when school-age children and young people cannot go to school is very high for society.

Mondo provides much-needed support to children affected by wars and natural disasters to mitigate the damage caused by crises and give them back the childhood they need and deserve. Whether the crisis is the brutal war in Ukraine or the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

In its partner countries, Mondo supports:

  • children in active humanitarian crises with the essentials they need most at the moment, e.g. food and hygiene kits, shelter, psychological and medical support;
  • rebuilding the education network in crisis-affected regions to prevent children and young people from becoming discouraged and ‘lost generations’ emerging;
  • digital literacy training for educators and young people in crisis-affected regions to create opportunities for distance learning and prevent the emergence of a digital divide.

Mondo has long and diverse experience in responding to humanitarian crises, we have supported and continue to support war refugees in Ukraine, Syria and neighbouring countries and Uganda. We have also provided humanitarian aid in Yemen, where 80% of the population is on the brink of famine. Since 2022, a large part of our emergency humanitarian aid has been targeted at victims of the war in Ukraine, but we also help children in other crises, such as the victims of the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria in 2023.

We send 85% of the donations collected in Estonia directly to the target country.

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