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Vaikuseminutid: Support the children's and teachers' mental well-being in schools and kindergartens

Vaikuseminutid: Support the children's and teachers' mental well-being in schools and kindergartens

How does your donation help?

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

Surveys show that 35% of Estonian students rate their psychological wellbeing as low. Concern, anxiety and fear have increased as a result of the events of recent years. The information overload makes it hard for children to concentrate and cope with the pressures of everyday life. The lack of coping skills results in attention and behavioural problems, low school satisfaction and high school stress (e.g. bullying and dropping out).

As a solution, NGO Moments of Silence offers schools and nursery schools the systematic and evidence-based programme “Schools and Nursery Schools That Create Wellbeing”, which teaches practical mindfulness skills to reduce anxiety and stress and prevent exhaustion.

The objective of the programme is to positively influence the whole culture of the organisation in order to reduce stress, fatigue and emotional tensions among learners and teachers alike.

A study with a representative sample carried out by Tartu University about the impact of the programme of Moments of Silence proved that young people experienced less stress and exhaustion as a result of the systematic learning of mindfulness. Symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks were also reduced when the exercises of Minutes of Silence were done according to the plan.

Almost 80% of students consider the ability to support their own wellbeing to be very or rather important. Young people value practical recommendations on wellbeing. The exercises of Moments of Silence are effective techniques that help overcome distraction, disturbing emotions or tension. At the same time, people learn to focus and cope better with what’s happening inside them.

The exercises are suitable for both children and adults.

Every child and every contribution counts! A smaller contribution is also valuable. Every €8 donated helps to reach a child through the systematic prevention of mental health problems.

As a result of your contribution, teachers can teach better and children can learn better. Thank you!

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