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Doctor Clowns: help bring joy and encouragement to children in hospitals

Doctor Clowns: help bring joy and encouragement to children in hospitals

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

Hospitals imposed visiting restrictions due to the coronavirus, which meant that Doctor Clowns were no longer able to attend hospital wards to cheer up young patients. However, the clowns still found a way to lift the children’s spirits and make their hospital stay happier. Doctor Clowns play and put on shows under the windows of the Tallinn Children’s Hospital. Your donations help us continue to prescribe laughter and joy to children!

Doctor Clowns have taken to playing under the windows of the children’s hospital, regardless of the weather, improvising and using various equipment (kites, balloons, umbrellas, jump ropes, musical instruments, etc.). This approach has been very well received by the management of Tallinn Children’s Hospital and the staff guides the children to the windows of their wards whenever the Doctor Clowns come out to play.

Our goal is to bring joy to children who have to stay in hospital, to brighten their days and put a smile on their face. Unfortunately we cannot see the children smiling as we have to stay outside, but I’m sure they are happy to see us there. After all, we can definitely see those little hands waving energetically from the windows.

The Clown Care charity organisations operate globally for more than 40 years, with hundreds of hospitals throughout the world having approved Clown Doctor programmes. The Doktor Kloun NPO was established in 2006 and, over the past 14 years, its Clown Doctors have visited over 22,000 hospitalised children.

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