support mental health consultation in times of crisis support mental health consultation in times of crisis

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

Isolation, the emergency situation and economic crisis can take a toll on our mental health. The current prevalence of depression in Estonia is about 5.6%; whereas, studies show that it can increase to 9% by the end of the year. Various other mental health issues may arise as well, e.g. anxiety, sleeping disorders, general frustration with the situation and decline in motivation. It is important to ensure the availability of mental health support for everyone in order to prevent such issues.

Mental health specialists of offer online consultation in Estonian and Russia. The consultation involves teaching self-help techniques, provides understanding and emotional support, as well as advice on where to turn to next, if further help is necessary. Consultation is conducted over email and the cost of providing consultation to one person is 12 euros. Feedback to consultations provided shows that 95% of users have benefitted from this service.

MTÜ Peaasjad (a non-profit association) promotes mental health, works on early detection and prevention of mental health problems and addresses stigmatisation of psychiatric illnesses in society.

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890.00 / 3 000.00 €
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