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Hearing bus – primary hearing care from young to old

Hearing bus – primary hearing care from young to old

How does your donation help?

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How does your donation help?

How does your donation help?

The Estonian Association of Hard of Hearing People can help prevent mental health problems by assisting in the early detection of hearing loss.

We collect donations so that the Hearing Bus with primary hearing advisors can reach young people in schools as well as the elderly in day centres and care homes. We want to reach Estonian people in different regions, offering the opportunity to test their hearing and have their hearing aids serviced. We also want to share experiences and information on how to get help and the processes involved. The Hearing Bus is also wheelchair accessible.

Volunteers who have undergone a special training programme give advice and assistance in the Hearing Bus. Many of them also suffer form hearing loss and are experience counsellors.

Hearing loss and the associated problems affect all of us either directly or indirectly (in the family, at school, at work, in public). The number of people with hearing loss is growing very rapidly, with around 200,000 people in Estonia today. Hearing damage is increasingly spreading among young people. Hearing loss is often not recognised or people are afraid to admit it to themselves. This results in bullying at school, learning difficulties, family breakdowns, job losses, social isolation, alcoholism and other addictions and mental health problems. The first sign of hearing loss is difficulty understanding what others are saying. If left undiagnosed, hearing loss can lead to depression and other mental health problems. Increased awareness of one’s sense of hearing can help prevent more serious and severe problems.

At present, hearing centres are only located in big cities and many people do not get the help they need or are unaware of their hearing problems. In addition, people with hearing loss struggle with not being able to buy hearing aid batteries or other accessories.

The Hearing Bus was acquired with the help of donations in 2021. Donations have helped us build soundproof walls for the Hearing Bus to muffle the outside noise that can interfere with hearing tests, produce information materials and purchase a walled outdoor tent to create a counselling area next to the bus.

Even the smallest donation helps the Hearing Bus team to reach and help at least one person. In 2022, the Hearing Bus team helped 2109 people in 39 locations in Estonia, 86% of whom were referred for further hearing tests. Only 14% of those tested had no hearing problems. Most people took a hearing test on the Hearing Bus for the first time in their lives.

Together, small donations help us bring hearing information closer to people – in their own backyard.

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