How can I help people in Ukraine?


Ukraine needs support from all of us. Here are 6 ways you can help right now:

  • You can help Ukrainian people through NGO Mondo. Mondo’s Ukrainian partner is Восток SOS, that provides assistance to inhabitants of the crisis area. Your donation helps to organise evacuation, transport and accommodation for displaced persons, as well as toiletries, medicines, food, etc. You can help on our donation platform
  • The Estonian Red Cross is collecting donations to support people in Ukraine through the Ukrainian Red Cross. There is a shortage of food, medicine, hygiene products and a lot more. You can donate here
  • You can donate to the Refugee Council on our donation platform. The Refugee Council also maps aid offers by profession, items and services necessary to the refugees. You can offer your help on their website.
  • You can donate to the Ukrainian Cultural Center through the website. 
  • The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Defence and the Estonian Reserve Officers’ Association have started a donation campaign to support the treatment of those injured in the Ukrainian war either in Estonia or other allied countries. More information can be found here.
  • Support Ukrainian rescue workers by donating through the donation initiative of the Rescue Association. The Rescue Association will use the donations to by items that Ukrainian rescues desperately need and will deliver these to their Ukrainian colleagues. You can help on our donation platform.  
  • You can help animals in Ukraine through a donation initiative of the Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals. Your donation is used to support SOS Animal Shelter Kiev, which currently houses 1,000 dogs and 300 cats, but expects to take in many more from the street. ESPA will take the donations to Ukraine, where the money will be used to by food and medication for the animals. You can help on our donation platform

NB! Swedbank has suspended service fees on transfers to all the listed Estonian aid organisations regardless of whether you have signed up for the payments plan or not. For that you should donate directly to the organisation or through our donation platform 

When donating to an organisation not on this list, make sure that the organisation is real, reliable and will help those in need.